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“When I found out I was going to be a father [at 21], I had to make some conscious decisions about my behavior. I soon found out that I couldn’t afford to buy both liquor and diapers.”
Andre Dandridge,

In 2005, Andre Dandridge heard from his uncle, Christopher Dandridge, about a young father who shot and killed one of the mothers of his children, wounded another, and eventually took his own life. Andre remembered, “At the time, Chris and I were both young fathers and agreed that maybe if this young man was given information designed to help young fathers, this tragedy may have been avoided.”

In 2009, Andre and Chris launched, and a few years later began to provide services and support for young fathers in Lansing, Michigan, using innovative music and video to reach.

“The best thing I can say to help a young man is for him to know that we do not come here knowing anything, all things have to be learned; life is a learning experience from the beginning to the end ... you can learn from the experiences of others ... A man who can learn from his mistakes is a smart man; a man who can learn from the mistakes of others is a wise man.”
67-year-old father on