Communication Skills


Communication Skills

The following activities are designed to help fathers enhance their communication and relationship skills.

Active Listening 
A 35-minute activity from Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers divides participants into pairs. A “speaker” discusses a problem with a “listener” who secretly was instructed to listen poorly. Group members then assess aspects of poor and good listening, and practice using effective listening skills in a role play. 

This curriculum is available from the National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL).

Showing and Handling Feelings 
This three-part activity from 24/7 Dad™ takes about 100 minutes and helps fathers increase their awareness, knowledge, and capacity for showing and handling feelings and emotions. The final part of the activity focuses on showing and handling grief and loss.

This curriculum is available from the National Fatherhood Initiative

Same Gender Conversations 
This 40-minute activity from Planning for Children incorporates a focused discussion and PowerPoint presentation for fathers, and a corresponding activity with mothers, about the role they can play in cooperatively planning with their partners for pregnancy and preventing becoming a father again by chance.

This curriculum is available from Pamela Wilson.

A short activity from Quenching the Father Thirst: Developing a Dad can help dads understand the complexity of communication.

This curriculum is available from National Center for Fathering.