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High-quality research can inform Responsible Fatherhood program delivery and practitioners' advice to fathers. Resources from Responsible Fatherhood programs and other programs serving families and fathers can provide activities and information for engaging fathers. 

This section offers research and resources on various topics relevant to dads and Responsible Fatherhood practitioners. Check out the featured resources and topics of interest, and visit the main library for advanced search.

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For incarcerated fathers, prison rather than work mediates access to their families. Prison rules and staff regulate phone privileges, access to writing materials, and visits. Perhaps even more important are the ways in which the penal system shapes men’s gender performances. Incarcerated men must negotiate how they will enact violence and aggression, both in terms of the expectations placed upon inmates by the prison system and in terms of their own responses to these expectations.

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There are plenty of myths about human trafficking including what it is, who can experience it, and what happens in a trafficking situation. This article dispels common myths about human trafficking and provides research-based facts.  

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Cada año, miles de migrantes y refugiados viajan por todo el mundo en busca de un lugar seguro y mejores oportunidades de subsistencia. Entre estas personas, hay víctimas de la trata de personas y migrantes objeto del tráfico ilícito. Pero ¿qué significa ser víctima de la trata o migrante objeto del tráfico ilícito, y cuál es la diferencia entre la trata de personas y el tráfico ilícito de migrantes?  

Did You Know?

Girls with strong relationships with their fathers do better in mathematics.

When both parents are involved with the child, infants are attached to both parents from the beginning of life.

Dads can keep their teens safe by teaching the dangers of drugs and alcohol, safe cooking skills, and responsible driving.