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High-quality research can inform Responsible Fatherhood program delivery and practitioners' advice to fathers. Resources from Responsible Fatherhood programs and other programs serving families and fathers can provide activities and information for engaging fathers. 

This section offers research and resources on various topics relevant to dads and Responsible Fatherhood practitioners. Check out the featured resources and topics of interest, and visit the main library for advanced search.

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For incarcerated fathers, prison rather than work mediates access to their families. Prison rules and staff regulate phone privileges, access to writing materials, and visits. Perhaps even more important are the ways in which the penal system shapes men’s gender performances. Incarcerated men must negotiate how they will enact violence and aggression, both in terms of the expectations placed upon inmates by the prison system and in terms of their own responses to these expectations.

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The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) Virtual Collaborative Community (VCC) provides fatherhood practitioners direct access to a network of other committed practitioners and fatherhood stakeholders.

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Each time your young child sees you spend money or use the ATM, she is building an understanding of what money is. You can guide that understanding with simple activities about making good choices; what has value; and spending, sharing, and saving. Over time you'll see that, through everyday conversations and fun activities, you can help your child grow up to make good financial decisions.

Did You Know?

Dads who support the mom and baby during pregnancy are better prepared for their role as a new dad.

Father engagement reduces psychological problems and rates of depression in their daughters as young women.

Dads providing support and security at home can lead to higher self-esteem and better choice-making in pre-teens.