Young Unwed Fathers: Research Review, Policy Dilemmas and Options. Summary Report.

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Smollar, J.
Ooms, T.
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Much public attention has focused on the social costs and consequences of teenage, unwed childbearing. Yet unwed births have largely been viewed as a problem solely involving young women. The Young Unwed Fathers Project (the Project) was designed to draw upon the small but rapidly growing body of knowledge about young fathers up to 25 years of age. Its purpose was to review, synthesize, and discuss available data and information about young unwed fathers, and was made up of three components. Ten working papers were commissioned from researchers and program professionals, summaries of which are included in an appendix. An invitational symposium was held in October 1986 bringing together the authors of the papers, and policy officials and staff from Federal, State, and local government, courts, universities, and service programs. The present report includes summarized proceedings. The Project also produced a report synthesizing the major findings of the commissioned papers and summarizing symposium discussions. Major findings include demographic information, an overview of the legal and moral rights and responsibilities of young unwed fathers, and a description of the current program and policy situation with respect to paternity establishment, child support, job training and employment, and parenting programs. Appendices include descriptions of relevant Federal programs. Document Scanned.

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