Working on the Weekend: Fathers' Time With Family in the United Kingdom.

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Journal of Marriage and Family
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Hook, Jennifer L.
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Journal Article
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Whereas most resident fathers are able to spend more time with their children on weekends than on weekdays, many fathers work on the weekends, spending less time with their children on these days. There are conflicting findings about whether fathers are able to make up for lost weekend time on weekdays. Using unique features of the United Kingdom's National Survey of Time Use 2000, the author examined the impact of fathers' weekend work on the time fathers spend with their children, family, and partners (N = 595 fathers). The results revealed that weekend work is common among fathers and is associated with less time with children, families, and partners. Fathers do not recover lost time with children on weekdays, largely because weekend work is a symptom of overwork. The findings also revealed that even if fathers had compensatory time, they are unlikely to recover lost time spent as a family or couple. (Author abstract)

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