Who are Nonresident Fathers?: Demographic Characteristics of Nonresident Fathers.

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Stykes, Bart.
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National Center for Family and Marriage Research.
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Approximately 27% of fathers report having at least one biological, nonresident child 18 or younger, according to estimates from the most recent round (2006-2010) of the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), a nationally representative survey of men and women aged 15-44.This profile presents a demographic portrait of nonresident fatherhood by describing the characteristics of nonresident fathers (15-44). Supplemental comparisons of nonresident fathers versus other men (15-44) without a nonresident child are also discussed. Findings indicate: Black men are significantly more likely than any other racial/ethnic group to be nonresidentFathers, men reporting higher educational attainment (at least some college experience) are significantly less likely to report having a nonresident child, levels of nonresident fatherhood are similar among the least educated men, and one-fifth of currently cohabiting men are nonresident fathers, making cohabiting men the most likely to be nonresident fathers. 3 figures. (Author abstract modified)

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