Understanding the Impact of Micro-Aggressions on the Engagement of Undocumented Latino Immigrant Fathers: Debunking Deficit Thinking.

Journal Name
Journal of Latinos and Education
Journal Volume
Journal Issue
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Jimenez-Castellanos, Oscar.
Gonzalez, Gustavo.
Resource Type
Journal Article

This article attempts to refute the deficit-thinking perspectives that permeate the parent involvement literature to better understand the micro-aggressions experienced by undocumented Latino immigrant fathers as they engage with their children. We explore the following 3 questions: (a) What types of micro-aggressions do undocumented Latino immigrant fathers endure on a daily basis? (b) How do these micro-aggressions impact their lives and their engagement with their children? (c) How do fathers counter micro-aggressions? (Author abstract)

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