Toolkit for Father-Inclusive Practice.

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Author (Organization)
Fathers Direct (London, England).
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Fact Sheet
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The Toolkit is designed to help managers and practitioners meet the strong policy requirements for father-inclusive services coming from the Department for Children. Contents contain: Card 1. Toolkit for father-inclusive practice how to use this guide; Card 2. Why support father-child relationships?; Card 3. Step One: Agency Commitment; Card 4. Step Two: Finding out about local fathers; Card 5. Step three: workers and volunteers; Card 6. Step Four: Settings; Card 7. Step Five: Recruiting fathers; Card 8. Step Six: Services; Card 9. Step Seven: Partnerships and networks; Card 10. Step Eight: Spreading the word - 10 top tips for father-inclusive practice; Card 11. Policy and practice checklist; Card 12. Legal briefing; Card 13. Fathers Direct services and publications; Card 14. Further support.

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