A Theoretical Framework for Two-Generation Models: Lessons From the HOST Demonstration.

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Scott, Molly M.
Popkin, Susan J.
Simington, Jasmine K.
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Urban Institute.
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This brief builds on the insights from the Housing Opportunities and Services Together (HOST) Demonstration project to present an updated theoretical framework for two-generation models that target low-income children and parents from the same families in hopes of interrupting the cycle of poverty. The framework emphasizes the importance of using family goals as the lens for targeting individual family members, setting individual goals, and aligning tailored appropriate solutions. Information is provided on the benefits of two-generation models and the following components of the theoretical framework for two-generation models: family goals, individual goals, appropriate solutions, and outcomes. Implications for the field are then discussed and include putting people before programs, tailoring evaluation approach to fit diverse families, and advocating for systems change. 21 references.

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