Teen fathers.

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The Prevention Researcher
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Ungerleider, Steve (Editor)
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Journal Article
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The articles in this issue of The Prevention Researcher highlight findings about the involvement of teen fathers in the lives of their children and the link between teen fatherhood and delinquent behavior. Studies cited in the journal indicate that father involvement depends primarily on the relationship between the child's parents. Fathers who resided with their child's mother or who maintained a good relationship with her had greater contact with their children. Other influences included ethnocultural socialization, family history, relationships with the mother's family, and welfare reform regulations. Teenage fatherhood was more common among youth with delinquent behaviors than young men with no criminal history. The journal also identifies the elements of effective teen father programs that address legal issues, economic self-sufficiency, parenting skills, and behavior. Numerous references, 5 figures, 2 tables. Articles available at: http://www.tpronline.org/issue.cfm/Teen_Fathers

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