Supporting Father Involvement: An Intervention with Community and Child Welfare–Referred Couples.

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Family Relations
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Marsha. Cowan
Philip A. Cowan
Carolyn P. Gillette
Peter. Pruett
Kyle D.
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Journal Article
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Taking a preventive father-inclusive approach, the Supporting Father Involvement (SFI) intervention aims to strengthen coparenting, parent–child relationships, and child outcomes. This study replicates four prior iterations of the program using the same 32-hour curriculum facilitated by clinically trained staff, case managers, and onsite child care and family meals. With its intentional outreach and inclusion of fathers, SFI offers an effective intervention for lower risk child welfare–involved families. Results argue for the utility of treating community and child welfare parents in mixed-gender prevention groups that focus on strengthening multiple levels of family relationships. (Author abstract modified)

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