Supporting Children Through Co-Parenting Strategies

Session Date and Time
Summit Session Moderator(s)
Toya Joyner, Family Assistance Program Specialist, Office of Family Assistance, Washington, D.C.
Summit Session Presenter(s)
Dr. Alicia La Hoz, Founder and CEO, Family Bridges, Wheaton, Illinois
Dr. Carla Stover, Associate Professor, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Carla Smith. La Hoz
Alicia E.
Author (Organization)
Yale University Child Study Center. Family Bridges.
Resource Type
Fatherhood Summit Session
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A father’s role is integral to his children’s social, emotional, and economic well-being, but several barriers may prevent successful co-parenting. Some of the challenges include high-conflict environments, the effects of incarceration, issues of domestic violence and substance misuse, and children in foster care or relative placements. Even when parents face such challenges, positive co-parenting is possible and can provide important benefits for children.

This session provided an overview of the obstacles, interventions, strategies, and benefits for coparenting across a variety of contexts, including single, married, and cohabiting parents. Presenters described how fathers can contribute to successful co-parenting. They presented topics that can be introduced to co-parents to improve their relationships and co-parenting principles that can be incorporated into parenting programs, all with the ultimate goal of supporting the co-parents’ children.

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