Stay-At-Home Fathers' Reasons for Entering the Role and Stigma Experiences: A Preliminary Report.

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Psychology of Men & Masculinity (Special Section: Recent Research on Fathering)
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Rochlen, Aaron B.
McKelley, Ryan A.
Whittaker, Tiffany A.
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Journal Article
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This exploratory study reports on the reasons for entering the role and stigma experiences of 207 stay-at-home fathers (SAHFs). Overall, economic, pragmatic reasons and strong parenting values were the most common reasons guiding the decision to become a SAHF. Approximately half of the fathers experienced a stigma-based incident based on their SAHF status. Reasons participants reported for experiencing stigma including lack of familiarity with the role, religious beliefs, opposing attitudes about gender roles, and ignorance. Men who experienced a stigma-based incident reported lower levels of social support than those not experiencing such incidences. The results are discussed within the context of related research on SAHFs and men in nontraditional work and family roles. (Author abstract)

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