Solution-Focused Group Psychotherapy for Incarcerated Fathers.

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Journal of Family Psychotherapy
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Lange, S. M.
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Journal Article
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This article describes the development of solution-focused psychotherapy groups for incarcerated fathers at a medium security correctional facility. The solution-focused approach was implemented to avoid the strategies used by inmates to undermine insight-oriented and non-directive therapies. Emphasis was placed on the identification of problems, desired outcomes, and behaviors that would achieve the participant's goals. Program planners selected the cognitive-behavioral approach to group psychotherapy for its focus on the recognition of feelings and identification of successful methods of problem solving. Twelve men were chosen out of 51 volunteers who were screened to ensure that they would be available for the entire cycle of the group therapy and that they would cooperate with group procedures. Group sessions focused on establishing the rules for the group, creating group traditions, developing treatment plans, and working on interventions. Techniques included information dissemination; learning new skills; role-play; and feedback. Withdrawals from the group were due to unexpected transfers or paroles and all absences were excused for appointments and hearings. Group members demonstrated significant improvements in beliefs and attitudes about parenting. An assessment of the achievements of participants found that the cognitive-behavioral solution-focused therapy was successful in helping men form relationships with their children and prepare for reunion when they return to the community. 44 references.

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