Simpler Solutions for Fatherhood Programs

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Alemany, X., Bickerton, A., & Israel, D.
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National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
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A father is referred to your program and seems interested but doesn’t follow up. A father enrolls but seems
to never show up to workshops. A father begins participating in workshops but stops attending somewhere
along the way. Sound familiar?

Fatherhood programs—like all social service programs—experience recruitment and engagement
challenges, and behavioral science has been proven to help. Behavioral science is the systematic study of
how humans behave in the real world. Research in the field deepens our understanding of how people make
decisions and what helps them follow through on things they intend to do—or prevents them from doing so.

The SIMPLER framework is a tool that can help social service programs apply proven principles of behavioral
science to participant recruitment and engagement. The principles in SIMPLER have been shown to be
effective in many contexts. Fatherhood programs might consider using SIMPLER to help fathers stay
engaged and promote strong participation.

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