Role of Fatherhood Identity and Machismo in Latino Men with Problem Drinking

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Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social
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Mogro-Wilson, C. & Cifuentes, Jr., A.
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Journal Article
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Latino men are more likely to binge drink than their non-Latino male counterparts. Moreover, Latino fathers who misuse alcohol may show rigid masculine values (traditional machismo) rather than sensitivity and warmth (caballerismo). In an online survey of 309 Latino fathers, the researchers explored the relationship between problem drinking and traditional machismo, caballerismo, child–father relationship, father self-efficacy, and fatherhood identity. The study found that problem drinking was associated with higher levels of traditional machismo and child–father conflict and lower levels of fatherhood identity. In addition, fatherhood identity moderated the relationship between traditional machismo and problem drinking. These results underscore the significance of fatherhood identity for Latino men and support a strengths-based approach for substance abuse interventions for Latino fathers.

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