Research review : teenage pregnancy and parenthood : the role of fathers.

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Child and family social work.
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Author (Individual)
Bunting, Lisa.
McAuley, Colette.
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Journal Article
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This article reviews research findings on the role of fathers in teenage parenthood. Findings indicate that the men who father children by teenage mothers tend to be a few years older than their teenage partners, and tend to be from low socio-economic backgrounds, experience lower educational attainment, and have fewer employment opportunities than their childless peers. They also tend to experience greater psychological and emotional difficulties and may have a history of delinquent behavior. While relationships between fathers, teenage mothers, and their children appear prone to deterioration over time, research findings indicate many young fathers want to be involved with their children and would have more contact and input if they could. Conflicting relationships with teenage mothers or maternal grandparents, and a lack of financial resources are cited by fathers as barriers to increased involvement with their children. The impact of paternal grandmother on young fathers is explored. 28 references.

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