Reconnecting disadvantaged young men.

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Edelman, Peter.
Holzer, Harry J.
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This book explores barriers facing disadvantaged young men and policies that can be implemented to improve the educational and employment opportunities available to disconnected young men, particularly African American and Hispanic young men. It specifically focuses on the following areas of policy: enhancing education, training, and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth by focusing on individual policy components and on building these components into community systems; improving the incentives of less-skilled young workers to accept employment by raising minimum wages or subsidizing earnings; and addressing particularly severe barriers and disincentives faced by some disadvantaged youth, such as ex-offenders and young non-custodial fathers. Following an introductory chapter, Chapter 2 presents a detailed statistical look at youths' school enrollment and employment rates by race and gender, and reviews the social science literature on youth employment. The economic and political contexts in which youth policy will be made in the coming years are also discussed. Chapters 3 and 4 focus on education and training for youth and on community-wide systems. Chapters 5 and 6 explore improved work incentives and barriers facing youth offenders and non-custodial fathers. Each chapter explores the strengths and weaknesses of existing efforts, along with proposals for innovation. The most promising ideas in each area are identified, and practical next steps are suggested that can be taken at the federal, State, and local levels to improve policies for young disadvantaged men. Numerous references.

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