Re-Uniting Low-Income African American Fathers with Their Children: A Transdisciplinary Model to Address the Legal Conundrums Embedded in the Social Challenges.

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Race, Gender & Class
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Mitchell, Jacquelyn.
Lynch, Rufus Sylvester.
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Journal Article
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Stimulated by national policy and funding, attention to the issue of fatherhood is increasing. Fatherhood programs often focus on constructions of "responsibility" that mandate absent fathers to emotionally and/or financially support their children. However, the multifaceted legal conundrums embedded in the social barriers to "responsible" fatherhood that are faced by fragile and marginalized non-custodial fathers are rarely comprehensively addressed. These forensic barriers extend beyond criminal justice system issues, to consumer, traffic, housing and other issues that plague fragile populations. This article advances a transdisciplinary fatherhood programming model that emerged from monitoring data during implementation of a "responsibility"-based design. The original design was expanded to more effectively address imbedded legally-related impediments to re-uniting non-custodial fathers with their children. Practice, policy, and programming implications are explored. (Author abstract)

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