The Putative Father's Right to Notice of Adoption Proceedings: Has Georgia Finally Solved the Adoption Equation?

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Emory Law Journal
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Author (Individual)
Thompson, K. R.
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Journal Article
This article examines the implications of the 1997 amendments to Georgia's adoption laws that make participation in the state's putative fathers registry a precondition of notification of adoption proceedings. Putative fathers register with the database to acknowledge paternity and provide data which can be used to contact them about child support, notice of adoption proceedings, and proceedings to terminate parental rights. The amendments specify several requirements, including registration, that must be completed in order for the father to be notified about adoption proceedings. The article highlights the failure of the adoption laws to protect the rights of fathers who may not know about their paternity because women are not required to identify the fathers of their children. It provides historical background about the development of putative fathers' rights and summarizes relevant rulings from the United States Supreme Court. Modifications to the Georgia adoption laws are recommended to ensure that the rights of unwed fathers are protected.

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