Preventing Child Neglect in the UK: What Makes Services Accessible to Children and Families? An Annual Review by Action for Children in Partnership with University of Sterling.

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Burgess, Cheryl.
Daniel, Brigid.
Scott, Jane.
Dobbin, Hannah.
Mulley, Kate.
Whitfield, Erica.
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This is the third annual review of child neglect in the United Kingdom undertaken by Action for Children and the University of Sterling. It emphasizes the views of children and parents about seeking and receiving support. For the review, key developments in policy and available relevant statistics from across the UK were collated. Forty children and youth and 38 parents with experience of receiving support took part in discussion groups or interviews in five areas of the UK about the nature of neglect and help-seeking. In addition, a survey was conducted of 1,970 adults and 1,582 children aged 8-16 about how often they saw neglect and obtaining help for children, and 1,552 professionals were asked about how often they encounter neglect and what influences their ability to help. The study found: reductions in public sector funding are having an impact on systems for delivery of support and protection for children; young people recognized that, while money was important, the emotional aspects of being cared for were what really mattered to them; parents identified similar child needs as the children and young people, although they were more aware of the importance of having enough money to provide for their children; two thirds of the children surveyed thought that they have enough information about who to contact for help for others or themselves; and while 94% of adults agreed that people should become involved where they have concerns that a child is being neglected, only two-thirds Of those who had been worried about a child told someone about their concerns. Practice recommendations are made. 30 references.

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