Perspectives of a Reform Commission : Ensuring the Role of Fathers in Their Children's Lives.

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Professional development
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4 ; 5
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Clark, Kathleen A.
Leite, Randall W.
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Journal Article
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In 1998, the 122nd General Assembly of the State of Ohio created the Ohio Task Force on Family Law and Children (Task Force). The General Assembly had concluded that the parent-child relationship is of fundamental importance to the welfare of a child, and that the relationship between a child and each parent should be fostered unless inconsistent with the child's best interest. The Task Force was instructed to make recommendations on how to create a more civilized and constructive parenting process for children whose parents do not reside together. Qualitative and quantitative data regarding the impact of separation and divorce upon childhood development was obtained through six months of testimony from locally and nationally recognized experts and through reviews of the latest research findings. This article synthesizes the data concerning the importance of the father-child relationship, and delineates the role of social workers in a task force.

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