Perceptions of Mothers' and Fathers' Abusive and Supportive Behaviors.

Journal Name
Child Abuse and Neglect
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Nicholas, K. B.
Bieber, S. L.
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Journal Article
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This article explores young adults' perceptions of parenting behaviors, specifically with regard to the issue of how perceptions may be affected by gender of parent, child, or observer. Ratings of psychologically (emotionally), physically, and sexually abusive behaviors and ratings of love-support, promotion of independence, and positive modeling-fairness were obtained for mothers and fathers as well as daughters and sons. When the father was the referent, female subjects rated the behaviors as more emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive than male subjects did. When the mother was the referent, gender of subject and gender of child interacted, with female subjects rating the behaviors as more abusive when done to sons than male subjects did. Results indicated that gender of parent, child, and observer may affect young adults' perceptions of parental abusiveness and support. 44 references and 6 tables. (Author abstract)

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