Paternal Work Stress and Latent Profiles of Father--Infant Parenting Quality.

Journal Name
Journal of Marriage and Family
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Goodman, W. Benjamin.
Crouter, Ann C.
Lanza, Stephanie T.
Cox, Martha J.
Vernon-Feagans, Lynne.
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Journal Article
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The current study used latent profile analysis (LPA) to examine the implications of fathers' experiences of work stress for paternal behaviors with infants across multiple dimensions of parenting in a sample of fathers living in nonmetropolitan communities (N = 492). LPA revealed five classes of fathers based on levels of social?affective behaviors and linguistic stimulation measured during two father?infant interactions. Multinomial logistic regression analyses suggested that a less supportive work environment was associated with fathers' membership in multiple lower quality parenting classes. Greater work pressure and a nonstandard work schedule also predicted fathers' membership in the latent parenting classes, although these associations differed depending on the number of hours fathers spent in the workplace. (Author abstract)

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