Paternal Involvement and Infant-Father Attachment : a Q-set Study.

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Caldera, Yvonne M.
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Journal Article
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The primary purpose of this report was to investigate the correlates of attachment security with fathers and the concordance of mother-infant and father-infant attachment as measured by the Attachment Q-set (AQS, Waters, 1987). Sixty fathers and mothers of 14-month old infants independently described their child using the 90-item AQS and completed questionnaires about their involvement in and attitudes toward child-rearing and self-esteem. Mother-child interactions were observed in a play situation. Fathers reporting greater engagement in child caretaking activities described their children as more securely attached. Significant concordance between parents' AQS was obtained; however, this concordance was not due to generalization of interaction patterns across parents. That is, observed maternal sensitivity predicted maternal but not paternal security scores from the AQS. (Author abstract).

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