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Family Works, Inc.
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The Parenting Wisely intervention is a self-administered, computer-based program that teaches parents and their 9- to 18-year-old children important skills for combating risk factors for substance use and abuse. It uses a risk-focused approach to reduce family conflict and child behavior problems, including stealing, vandalism, defiance of authority, bullying, and poor hygiene. The program is designed to: (1) teach parents effective child supervision and disciplinary skills and increase parental involvement; (2) teach parents and their children communication skills; (3) improve family problem solving; (4) increase parents' self-efficacy; (5) reduce blaming attribution; and (5) teach a family systems perspective to reduce scapegoating. The program prompts parents to choose family scenarios relevant to them, watch a challenging situation, and resolve the situation by choosing from among the three problem resolution methods presented. A summary of the program is included with the CD-ROM, along with information on the background and history of the program, the benefits of an interactive CD-ROM over therapy, risk and protective factors addressed in the program, results of evaluation studies, and program replications. 23 references. (Author abstract modified)

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