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This CD ROM contains demonstrations of five programs in the Parenting Wisely series. Parenting Wisely (PW) is a self-administered, computer-based program that teaches parents and their children important skills to enhance relationships and decrease conflict through behavior management and support. The program is designed to improve child adjustment and has the potential to reduce delinquency, substance abuse, and involvement with the juvenile justice system. The program uses an interactive CD-ROM in which parents view video scenes of common family problems. The program instructs parents in effective parenting skills through the use of demonstration, quizzing, repetition, rehearsal, recognition, and feedback for correct and incorrect answers. For each problem, parents choose one of several solutions, only one of which is an effective and adaptive method of dealing with the problem. After choosing a solution, a parent sees the chosen solution acted out in the video. The parent then receives feedback through an on-screen question-and-answer format that explains any problems associated with the selected solution as well as why the common mistakes in parenting portrayed in the incorrect solutions lead to difficulties. If the correct solution is chosen, the parent receives feedback on specific skills used in that situation that made it effective. Demos of programs for young children, teenagers in the United States, teenagers in the United Kingdom, and youth in foster or residential care are provided, as well as a program for teenagers presented in Spanish.

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