Parenting in Vain?: Stepfather Influences on Early Transitions to Parenthood.

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Dunifon, Rachel.
Carmalt, Julie. H.
Joyner, Kara.
Author (Organization)
National Center for Family and Marriage Research.
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Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 (NLSY97), we examine the influence of resident fathers' parenting style on early transitions to parenthood (before age 20 for girls, before age 22 for boys). Results differ by gender and for those living with biological vs. step-fathers. For girls, having an uninvolved mother was associated with an increased risk of early parenthood, but the parenting style of their fathers was unrelated to this risk. For boys, there were few effects of maternal parenting style on early parenthood. However, fathers' parenting style played a role, but in very different ways depending on family type. Having an authoritarian (harsh and not warm) father was associated with an increased risk of early parenthood for boys living with their biological fathers. In contrast, having an uninvolved or permissive step-father father was associated with a decreased risk in early fertility. (Author abstract)

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