The parenting patterns of men who batter.

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APSAC advisor.
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Bancroft, Lundy.
Silverman, Jay G.
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Journal Article
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The parenting dynamics of batterers can be the source of considerable trauma and abuse to children, in addition to that incurred by witnessing violence against their mothers. Bancroft and Silverman describe how batterers are at high risk of physically, sexually, and psychologically abusing and exploiting their children, and how a batterer's attempts at pathological control of the family often continue after separation through custody disputes and during visitation. Intimidation by batterers also prevents mothers from protecting their children and using their parenting strengths. This article is a short synopsis of Bancroft and Silverman's award-winning book, "The batterer as parent", which documents the substantial threat batterers pose to children and provides guidelines for risk assessment in these situatiions. (Author abstract)

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