NRFC Data Snapshot 2019: Resident Fathers and Substance Use

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National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.
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NRFC Quick Statistics and Research Reviews
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Misusing or abusing substances limits a parent’s ability to be positively involved in their children’s lives and can lead to negative outcomes for both them and their children. Fathers who misuse substances or struggle with substance abuse tend to be less engaged with their children. When they do interact with their children, they tend to display less sensitivity and use less effective discipline. Substance misuse or abuse is also a risk factor for child abuse.

This data snapshot presents information on multiple types of substance use, misuse, and abuse, including:

  • Tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol use
  • Binge drinking and heavy drinking
  • Medication or inhalant misuse or abuse
  • Illicit substance use

We also present information on fathers’ treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

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