The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father: 2015.

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Harrington, Brad; Van Deusen, Fred; Fraone, Jennifer Sabatini; Mazar, Iyar.
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Center for Work & Family. Boston College Carroll School of Management.
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Since 2009, the Boston College Center for Work & Family (BCCWF) has completed a series of research studies on the changing face of fatherhood in America. This year, our goal is to summarize the state of the research that is being done on fathers to draw a more complete and accurate portrait of today’s new dad. In this report, we will draw from our own work and the research of other leading scholars, in order to provide a deeper understanding of men, careers, and their work & family successes and challenges in the 21st Century. Our own research has focused mainly on U.S. fathers who work in large corporations, and what we offer here is best seen as a portrait of those men – primarily “white collar dads” who are college educated, work as professionals and managers, and are mostly living in dual- parent households. (Modified Author Abstract)

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