Money Habitudes for Teens: A Guide for Educators, Youth Leaders and Counselors Working with Money-Related Issues.

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Solomon, Syble.
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Training Materials
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The Money Habitudes Teen Guide is designed for those using Money Habitudes for Teens and covering money-related issues. The cards help teens discover the hidden messages that motivate the way they make money decisions. The guide provides educators, youth leaders and counselors five lesson plans which can each be used as five stand-alone lesson plans or combined for a more in-depth program of five classes or a half-day program. They can be used in-conjunction with programs in financial literacy, life skills, psychology or business to help teens develop a healthier relationship with money. Lessons cover: what ?habitudes? are and how they develop; using Money Habitudes for Teens cards to determine money personality; focusing on goals; setting personal goals; planning for success and overcoming obstacles. Each guide comes with a code to go online and access all the activities, which can be copied or adapted. Companion materials include: a professional/facilitators' guide and a DVD. Money Habitudes cards are available in the following versions: (1) Adult (2) Adult-Spanish (3) Teens (high school) and (4) Young Adults (18-25). (Author abstract)

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