Mom as Gateway: A Module for 24/7 Dad and Other Fathering Programs.

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National Fatherhood Initiative.
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Mothers are a key factor for getting fathers involved. When both parents can effectively co-parent together, their children benefit greatly.

We've developed the Mom As Gateway curriculum module to help you break down barriers between mothers and fathers and facilitate helpful discussions and efforts towards co-parenting.

This module addresses what is known as Maternal Gatekeeping - when a mother's beliefs about a father, as well as her behaviors, hinder a father's involvement. Studies show that mothers' perceptions greatly influence fathers' involvement.

Using this module, facilitators bring moms together for three sessions:

The Role of the Gatekeeper
Power and Control in Relationships Between Men & Women
Minimize Excessive Gatekeeping

This module is a convenient add-on to the 24/7 Dad A.M. and P.M. curricula. Mothers meet while fathers are completing their 24/7 Dad classes and explore similar topics and issues. But, Mom As Gateway's universal principles and flexible format means it can be used with any fatherhood program! (Author abstract)

Note: The curriculum module is available for free; however, a form must be completed in order to initiate the download onto a computer.

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