Measuring Outcomes, Updated 2012.

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Dare Mighty Things.
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By reading this particular volume in The Intermediary Development Series, intermediary organizations and the faith-based and community-based organizations they work with will learn key concepts about increasing their capacity to evaluate the extent to which they are achieving their intended results and to conduct outcome measurement by creating and implementing an outcome measurement plan for their program. After reading this guidebook, they will better understand the key elements required to develop an outcome measurement plan and accurately measure their program's outcomes including how to: define realistic program outcomes; create a logic model that identifies the resources and activities necessary to accomplish these outcomes; identify specific measures to examine in order to determine the extent to which an organization achieves its outcomes; and design a practical and sustainable plan for collecting data on these measures. This guidebook will help organizations answer these key questions: What is outcome measurement? What should intermediaries do to prepare for outcome measurement? What are the key steps in implementing outcome measurement? (Author abstract, modified).

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