"Just Like His Dad" : Family Background and Residency With Children Among Young Adult Fathers.

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Forste, Renata.
Jarvis, Jonathan.
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Journal Article
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Drawing upon a conceptual framework proposed by Doherty and colleagues (1998), we examine the association between father residence during adolescence and early paternity and residency for a sample of young adult men. Our data are from the National Survey of Adolescent Males (Waves I, III)-a representative sample of young adult men in the U.S., aged 21 to 27 in 1995. Using multinomial logistic techniques, we find that living with a father during adolescence reduces the odds that young men experience fatherhood at an early age. In addition, living with a biological father as a teen, increases the odds that young adult fathers reside with their children. The association between living with a father as a teen and early paternity and child residency is attenuated by background characteristics and current education and work status. (Author abstract)

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