Involving Fathers in Children's Literacy Development : An Introduction to the Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED) Program.

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Journal of Extension
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Green, Stephen.
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Journal Article
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An important area in which fathers can have a powerful impact on their children's lives is in their academic success. In a recent study conducted by the United States Department of Education, researchers discovered from surveys of over 20,000 parents that when fathers took an active role in their children's education (e.g., attended school meetings, volunteered at school, helped children with homework), children were more likely to receive A's, participate in extracurricular activities, and enjoy school, and less likely to repeat a grade (U.S. Department of Education, 1997). According to research, children's potential for academic success begins long before they enter into formal schooling arrangements (Wells, 1985). An activity that parents can engage in with their young children that is consistently linked with better school performance is reading. Parents who read to their children on a regular basis tend to raise children who are superior readers and who perform better in school.

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