Influence of Fathers Attribute to the Financial Literacy of their Children

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Santoso, J. & Prasetyo, A. D.
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The 3rd International Conference on Management in Emerging Markets
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Journal Article
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There are some father’s attributes that might influence his child’s Financial Literacy, among others Father-Child Age Gap, Father’s Income Level, Father’s Education Level, Father’s Job Type. Financial Education Course also becomes the independent variable as another factor that might influence the Financial Literacy. This research helps proving which factor is more significantly influencing the children’s Financial Literacy, between the father’s attributes and financial education course. A questionnaire survey is conducted to 204 respondents of university students in four universities in northern Bandung area. The questionnaire contains demographic questions of the respondent’s father and the question asking financial education course that has been taken by the respondent, as well as a set of questions for measuring the respondent’s financial literacy level. After the data has been collected, a multiple linear regression is conducted to analyze the data. The result shows that Father’s Income Level and the child’s Financial Education Course are significantly influencing the child’s Financial Literacy, with Financial Education Course that has the strongest significance. Thus, the most determinant factors to the Financial Literacy are Financial Education Course and Father’s Income Level.

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