Infants, toddlers, and teen parents.

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Zero to three.
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Fenichel, Emily (Editor).
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Journal Article
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This special issue focuses on teen parenthood and includes articles that address the developmental trajectory for children born to teenage parents, protective factors for teen parents and their children, intervention efforts to promote resiliency, and the experiences of infants of teenage parents. An introductory article discusses the risks associated with adolescent parenthood and community-based strategies to support young families. The following article reviews findings from large national studies on the effects of early care and intervention on the children of adolescents. The next article shares qualitative findings from Parents Too Soon programs on how the relationship between teenagers and their children can be supported. A case study is also presented that illustrates the integration of infant mental health and early intervention approaches for a teen mother and son living in group foster care. Another article describes a Tot to Teen primary care clinic that can safeguard the health of a teen mother, her baby, and their relationship. Participants in the program reflect on their own journey as teen mothers. Findings from the Father Involvement with Toddlers Study of low-income fathers are shared, and a final article highlights the importance of child care as a protective factor for children of teens and essential components of effective interventions for young families. Numerous references.

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