Including New Fathers: A Guide For Maternity Professionals.

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Fisher, Duncan.
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Intended for maternity professionals in the United Kingdom, this guide emphasizes the importance of involving fathers in the birth of their babies and explains strategies for encouraging father participation. It begins with key terminology and reasons for engaging with fathers. The Gender Equality Duty Act designed to promote a better understanding by services of the different needs of women men and promote better quality of services is described, as well as its impact on those commissioning maternity services. Strategies for engaging fathers are then explained and include: preparing your team for working with fathers; creating ways for fathers to access your service; designing antenatal services to support fathers; supporting young fathers; tailoring the information you give to fathers; involving fathers at scans; involving fathers at the birth; and supporting the father after the birth. Steps for implementing each strategy are discussed. Final sections provide suggestions for dealing with difficult and violent fathers and ways for dads to get close to their babies. 49 references.

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