The importance of fathers : a psychoanalytic re-evaluation.

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Trowell, Judith.
Etchegoyen, Alicia.
Budd, Susan (Editor)
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Fathers continue to have an important role in child development, despite the changes in family structure that have occurred in recent years. This book provides a psychoanalytic perspective of fatherhood and concludes that children and their mothers need the care and support of fathers. Written by practitioners and academicians, the chapters apply psychoanalytic theory and discuss clinical considerations about father development, the role of grandfathers, missing fathers, adoptive fathers, and sexual identity development. The effects of loss on children also are addressed. The text explores the way in which men change psychologically and emotionally when they have children and the factors that influence their ability to parent, such as a history of emotional and social support, self-confidence, and a sense of their own identity. Emphasis is placed on the ability of fathers to form attachments with their children and the negative consequences of separation or abuse. Numerous references and notes.

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