Higher-Order Fertility Among Urban Fathers: An Overlooked Issue for a Neglected Population.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues (OnlineFirst)
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Bronte-Tinkew, Jacinta.
Ryan, Suzanne.
Franzetta, Kerry.
Manlove, Jennifer.
Lilja, Emily.
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Journal Article
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The study includes a longitudinal sample of 1,989 fathers from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing study and examines factors associated with fathering a higher-order birth (three or more children) and compares these factors to those predicting any subsequent birth. Also, the article examines differences by marital status. Logistic regression analyses indicate the likelihood of fathering a higher-order birth is greater among more disadvantaged men in urban contexts, those with lower levels of education, the unmarried, minorities, and those exhibiting higher levels of depressive symptomology.This suggests that the men likely to be least prepared to father large numbers of children have an elevated probability of having a higher-order birth. This study provides continuing evidence that several aspects of men's lives in urban contexts have important influences on their decisions to have a higher-order birth, and suggests that policies or programs that address fertility issues should include fathers where and when feasible. (Author abstract)

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