Hegemonic Masculinity Versus a Caring Masculinity: Implications for Understanding Primary Caregiving Fathers.

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Social and Personality Psychology Compass
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Hunter, Sarah C.
Riggs, Damien W.
Augoustinos, Martha.
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Journal Article
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Recently, there has been a growing interest in what is positioned as a new form of masculinity arising from the increase in fathers as primary caregivers. This new form is referred to as a “caring masculinity” and is theorized as a radical shift away from traditional or hegemonic forms of masculinity. This paper critically examines the fathering literature, focusing specifically on how primary caregiving fathers navigate social norms with regard to masculinity. The paper concludes that there is a complex interplay between expectations of a traditional, provider father and a new and involved father. It is argued that ideas surrounding a caring masculinity are better understood as a broadening of hegemonic masculinity, rather than an entirely new or distinct form. (Author abstract)

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