Growing and Sustaining Parent Engagement: A Toolkit for Parents and Community Partners.

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Center for the Study of Social Policy (Washington, D.C.).
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Fact Sheet
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This toolkit is designed to support and sustain parent engagement by explaining strategies communities can use to maintain and grow parent engagement work that is already underway. The strategies include creating a parent engagement roadmap, checklist, and support network. The toolkit includes information, examples, and questions that parent and community partners can draw from as they jointly develop parent engagement strategies that reflect their priorities and communities. Section 1 reviews the purpose of the toolkit and Section 2 defines parent engagement and sustainability. The following section describes how and why the parent engagement roadmap, checklist, and support network sustainability strategies were created, and introduces key parent engagement concepts and questions to help guide strategy development. Section 4 provides a guide for creating targeted strategies that address the unique needs of a community. Elements of successful parent engagement strategies are described, and helpful tips and examples for creating checklist rating scales are provided. The final section lists recommended tools.

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