The Function of Fathers: What Poor Men Say About Fatherhood.

Journal Name
Families in Society
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Kost, K. A.
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Journal Article
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Interviews were conducted with 20 young men who used General Assisstance, many of whom were the fathers of children of poor, unwed mothers. The relationship respondents had with their fathers was examined. For those young men who were themselves fathers, it also explored how those relationships influenced their own paternal identity and the relationships with their children. Findings from this research suggest that the relationship a man has with his father and the influence this has on his development of generativity and univocal reciprocity may be more influential to the son's paternal identity than his experience of poverty or violence. Increased efforts should be made to broaden the opportunities poor fathers have to be involved in the lives of their children beyond the economic arena. (Author abstract) 15 references, 1 table.

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