Fit 2-B FATHERS : the effectiveness of Extension programming with incarcerated fathers.

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Journal of Extension
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Cooperative Extension System (U.S.)
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Journal Article
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This article describes Fit 2-B FATHERS, a social and parenting skills program for males in the corrections system that has been found to improve participants attitudes about themselves, their role as fathers, and their understanding of positive parenting practices. The program is designed to help participants become less of a security risk during the remainder of their sentence and reduce rates of recidivism following their release. Components of the program are discussed, as are results from a study of 227 participating inmates. Results indicate a statistically significant program impact on improving attitudes. Participants felt better about themselves, felt in control of their lives, better understood effective discipline practices, and were more likely to recognize play as an important way of learning for children and the importance of giving children choices. Recidivism rates for participants were found to be similar to the recidivism rates of the general population. 5 tables and 25 references.

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