Father's Involvement as a Determinant of Child Health.

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Ball, Jessica.
Moselle, Ken.
Pedersen, Steve.
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This report, prepared for the Public Health Agency of Canada, Population Health Fund Project: Father Involvement for Healthy Child Outcomes: Partners Supporting Knowledge Development and Transfer, explored the question: What are the theoretical and empirical foundations for justifying investments in promoting and reinforcing positive father's involvement as indirect investments in children's health? One objective of this report is to bring forward some possible conceptual frameworks for generating hypotheses about how fathers may contribute to children's health. A second objective is to bring some research evidence to bear on hypothesized links between variables that make up the framework. A third objective is to stimulate thinking about a research agenda that could tease out the impacts of father's involvement on children's health and development using a broad model that encompasses indirect as well as direct contributions that combine to produce children's health and well-ness.

Ultimately, the goal is to animate discussion and a program of focused research that will advance understandings of how fathers contribute to children's health, even when they may have little direct involvement in caring for a child. This 'big picture' perspective will then provide a justification for calling for greater recognition and support for the roles of fathers in children's health.

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