Fathers in Attachment Theory and Research: A Review.

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Early Child Development and Care
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1 & 2
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Bretherton, Inge.
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Journal Article
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This paper provides a brief history of attachment research on fathers as a backdrop against which the other contributions to this volume can be viewed. Empirical research on child-father attachment progressed in four phases and began before Bowlby in 1969 published the first volume of his attachment trilogy. During each phase a different set of questions emerged. Initially, researchers compared fathers to mothers as potential attachment figures. More recent studies emphasize the notion that mothers' and fathers' roles as attachment figures and their influences on child outcomes may be different and complementary. At the same time, calls for a family approach to attachment studies are increasing. (Author abstract)

Note: This article is part of the journal special issue entitled Emerging Topics on Father Attachment: Considerations in Theory, Context and Development.

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