Fathering and Acculturation : Immigrant Indian Families With Young Children.

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Journal of marriage and the family
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Jain, Anju.
Belsky, Jay.
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Journal Article
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This study investigated the patterns of father involvement and the influence of acculturation in a sample of Indian immigrant families in Pennsylvania. The participants were 40 two-parent Indian families who were rearing their 18- to 44-month-old children. Two 1-hour, naturalistic home observations per family were conducted near dinner time to record father-child interactions. Cluster analysis revealed three types of fathers: engaged, caretaker, and disengaged. Information on acculturation was gathered via parental self-reports and observational measures. Examination of the relation between fathering and acculturation revealed that men belonging to the least acculturated families were the least involved (were disengaged), and the most acculturated fathers were more involved in almost all dimensions of fathering (were engaged).

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