Fatherhood, Community Reintegration, and Successful Outcomes.

Journal Name
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation
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Visher, Christy A.
Bakken, Nicholas W.
Gunter, Whitney D.
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Journal Article
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Prior research indicates that assuming family roles, such as parent or spouse, can aid in the transition from prison to the community and has been linked to positive outcomes after a period of confinement. Using data from a longitudinal study of men returning to the community after incarceration, this study examines how the relationship between fathers and their children immediately after release may impact aspects of fathers' lives that are important to a successful reentry transition in the first year, such as employment, abstinence from substance abuse, and mental health. Analyses show that fathers who lived with children before incarceration and had regular contact with their children during their incarceration were more likely to be involved with their children after release. Moreover, fathers who were more involved with their children in the first few months after release, when interviewed again at 8 months out, worked more hours per week, were less likely to use illicit drugs, and were less likely to commit crime, get arrested, or violate conditions of their supervision. (Author abstract)

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